Samsung Unveils Galaxy A50s and A30s

Samsung is really on a smartphone roll pushing phones after phones in the past few weeks. The Galaxy A50s and A30s is the latest release from the electronics giant. While the A50s and the A30s share the same identical look from the outside, there are some minor differences between the two but not so much that you would notice unless you’re a spec geek.

The Galaxy A50s and A30s shares the same dimensions, screen size, 4,000mAh battery and weight. It is also released with the same colourways of Black, White and Green. It also has must-have essential phone features of on-screen fingerprint, USB type-C charging port, Bixby and NFC.

Galaxy A50s

What sets the A50s apart from the A30s is firstly the screen. The 1080p 6.4-inch Infinity-U display will surely enhance your game and video streaming experience. While both the A50s and the A30s have a triple camera system, the A50s have the upper hand with 48MP as it’s highest resolution rear camera and a front-facing camera giving off 32MP. Both cameras on the A50s are capable of taking beautiful bokeh and of course videos.

Its octa-core CPU is also faster than the A30s making gaming and running intensive CPU applications not a problem. It’s RAM and Storage are also large enough for the normal daily users.

Galaxy A30s

The lower tier of the A-series but that doesn’t make it unusable. Its 720p resolution screen is already well enough for YouTube and games without sacrificing battery life.

The camera on the A30s is already quite good considering it’s a decent 25MP megapixel on a phone for its rear camera and a 16MP selfie camera both which also has very large apertures. The 48MP on the A50s may be overkill for most of us.

While it’s CPU is slower than the A50s, the octa-core system is surely capable of running any games on the Google PlayStore.


The Galaxy A50s and A30s are now available for purchase at all Samsung retail and online stores. The Galaxy A50s is priced at RM1,299 while the Galaxy A30s is priced at RM899. Both the A50s and A30s are available in either Prism Crush Black, Prism Crush White and Prism Crush Green. For more information about the Galaxy A Series, click here.