Review – COLOP e-mark Digital Stamp

COLOP is a common brand when it comes to stamping stationeries. I am sure most of the businesses out there should have at least one COLOP branded stamps in their office. That being said, it simply means that the company finance or secretary will hold on to multiple stamps for different purposes.

Today we shall be taking a look at the COLOP’s unique idea at digitalising the stamps and making them easier to manage – introducing the COLOP e-mark digital stamping gadget.

Video Review

The Idea & User Experience

COLOP’s idea is pretty straightforward, by miniaturising an inkjet printer and have it connected to a dedicated mobile app, it literally means you can carry the COLOP e-mark and print all sorts of stamps as long as you can make it in the app. That’s right, through the mobile app, you can either customise from the available templates or make your stamp from the ground up. The app and the e-mark are communicating through direct WiFi connectivity. The reason why they’re not going for the BlueTooth is highly likely due to the bandwidth limitations. That further solidifies our view of miniaturising the current printer technology to make this work.

The COLOP e-mark is extremely responsive when it comes to stamping the imprints. The device itself is capable of storing up to 4 templates, including the last used template, whereby it can be changed by tapping the front of the e-mark. The LED colour will change accordingly to indicate which imprint it has loaded. This is convenient if you have a few of those imprints that you used often without the need to open the mobile app every time you need to print. On the other hand, the existence of the mobile app is to assist the printer when it comes to printing those numbered or dated prints. Unfortunately, the printer is still not capable of tracking them and you will have to keep the app turned on to keep printing the continuous numbers or correct date.

Last Words

Overall, the user experience has been very positive if you’re using it for general printing of your stamps. The mobile app so far has been very flexible for custom stamp designs just that the user experience & UI could’ve been better for future expansion. Last but not least, the price – at RM1,399, this is something we did not expect. It is quite pricey considering that the print head is found on the cartridge unit, speaking of which, costs RM169. Each cartridge is rated for at least 5000 imprints and it differs according to each and everyone’s use case. As for the