Review – Kingston Is With You Memory Gift Box: Nostalgic and Relaxing

Kingston’s Is With You Memory campaign has landed us at an interesting spot where we have taken up the 7-day challenge which is part of the event and the company mail us a gift box just for doing that. So, let’s check out the entirety of the package.

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox_17

The package comes in a lift-up style cover with simple prints at the front, showing a line art of the Kingston logo and the title of the campaign.

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox_18

Flipping up the cover and a greeting message that explains and encourages you to partake in the 7-day challenge.

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox_19

At the bottom, 3 items are situated: The face mask box, stacks of cards, and a USB thumb drive.

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox_20

Opening up the face masks box and a total of 5 Kingston x CSD APAC Face Mask Competition exclusive design face masks can be found. Not really exaggerating when I said you probably could smell a sense of candy through the screen with these color palettes.

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox_24

As expected, the stack of cards is the 7-day challenge itself, comprising of 7 challenge cards and 2 side note cards that serves as a beginning and ending message.

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox_25

The back is printed with a simple task telling you what to do. If you’re not bothered, just follow what it says and it can be done easily as with tasks from other cards.

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox_26

The last card is a QR code which when scanned, brings you to the campaign video where Kingston made a series dedicated to the theme.

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox_21

Lastly, the USB flash drive is the 64GB model of Kingston’s DataTraveler Duo USB-A & USB-C Connector Flash Drive that packs 2 different USB ports for enabling both legacy and modern hardware transferring files in between them. Pretty neat!


While one of the less techie stuff around here, the experience is actually quite interesting in the sense that by doing the tasks given to you, you essentially are catching back with your old self while chilling and relaxing at the same time. The theme of Memory that relates to a living being and computers is somewhat of a dad joke though but I’m loving it.