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Review – Samsung Galaxy Buds2

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 is the latest true wireless earbuds from Samsung and it was launched alongside the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3. Samsung has positioned Buds2 as the successor of Buds+. In other words, the Buds Pro will still be the higher-end offering

Review – Edifier W200BT; A Run For Your Money

We reckon the Edifier W200BT SE as one of the great value sports-oriented Bluetooth earphones we have ever tested so far. Today, we will be taking a look at its sibling the W200BT which has a shaped-neckband design to it. Read on to find out

Review – Edifier W200BT SE: Just What You Need For Your Workout

Edifier is known for their competitively priced audio products including speakers and recently, Bluetooth wireless earphones. While we were used to the thought of Chinese products focus on being affordable and usable while sacrificing the quality, the Edifier W200BT SE tells a slightly different story

Review: Edifier GM3 Wireless Gaming Earphones

Mobile gaming has been on the rise and the removal of 3.5mm audio jack from smartphones means that wireless gaming audio is something we will be seeing more and more in the coming future. That said, Edifier has stepped up their game and sent us

Review – Edifier W295BT Plus Sports Wireless Earphones

As phone brands scramble to drop 3.5mm audio jack from their latest phones, that also means Bluetooth audio has to step up to cover different genres and uses of headphones. Today we will be taking a look at the Edifier’s latest Bluetooth wireless in-ear earphones

Review: Edifier W828NB

Edifier has been actively updating its audio lineup in conjunction with the recent logo refresh. In case you missed out our last year’s review of the W860NB, the W828NB we have here today is, in fact, the smaller brother of the flagship active noise cancelling

Edifier W820BT

Review – Edifier W820BT Wireless Headset

In recent times as smartphones are alienating themselves from the ever-ubiquitous 3.5mm audio jack, we are left stranded from our wired headsets. That is where wireless headsets come into play as we enter the new age. The Edifier W820BT is one of those wireless headsets