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Review – Samsung Clean Station

When Samsung announced the POWERstick Jet 70 cordless vacuum cleaner, what really caught our attention is the Clean Station companion tool. You may call it a vacuum cleaner for a vacuum cleaner or vacuum-ception, that however doesn’t stop us from getting our hands onto the

Review – Samsung POWERstick Jet 70 Easy

After experiencing Samsung’s top-of-the-line series cordless stick vacuums, namely the POWERstick Pro VS8000 and POWERstick Jet VS9000, sure, they pack a lot of features and performance but at a higher cost of entry. Truth be told, I’m wondering what kind of compromises we’ll have to

Review – Samsung POWERstick Jet VS9000 Vacuum Cleaner

Two months ago, Samsung unveiled its brand-new stick vacuum cleaner at IFA 2019 – the POWERstick Jet VS9000. It is the successor to our previously reviewed POWERstick Pro VS8000 and today we shall find out what are the new features on this new vacuum cleaner.

Review: Samsung POWERstick PRO VS8000 Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners, as much as your feline friend might hate, is still an essential household appliance in a modern home. It serves the most basic yet crucial cleaning operation – sucking away all the dust and dirt off your living quarters. In this review, we

HETCH MFB-1602-HC Review

Review – HETCH Multipurpose Blender & Soup Maker (MFB-1602-HC)

When we talk about blenders, the first thing that comes to our mind is usually the boring single-purpose kitchen appliance that can only be used for basic food processing. But today we are reviewing something different. This is HETCH multipurpose blender and soup maker. Yes,