Review: Samsung POWERstick PRO VS8000 Vacuum

Samsung POWERstick PRO

RM 2,799

Build Quality






User Experience


Battery Life





  • Ergonomic design
  • Great accessories choice
  • Great cleaning capabilities
  • Decent battery life


  • Slow charging

Vacuum cleaners, as much as your feline friend might hate, is still an essential household appliance in a modern home. It serves the most basic yet crucial cleaning operation – sucking away all the dust and dirt off your living quarters. In this review, we will be looking at the Samsung POWERstick PRO VS8000 stick vacuum.

[Disclaimer: The review sample(s) is/are provided by Samsung Malaysia Electronics on a loan basis. The opinions are and will always be our honest user experience of the product/services itself.]

Samsung POWERstick PRO User Experience

The Samsung POWERstick PRO main unit resembles a gun where changing the battery itself feels like reloading a gun’s cartridge. The ergonomic design makes it extremely easy to manoeuvre around during cleaning.

The power button is located at the top of the vacuum unit and remains in standard mode until you press the trigger to enable turbo mode.

Speaking of ergonomics, the Flex Handle can be unlocked and folds up to 50-degrees so that you could reach down to low areas such as under the coffee table without straining your wrist.

At 2 kilograms, excluding the cleaning head accessories, the main unit itself is not something I would describe as ultra-lightweight. My wife has pointed out that, while the POWERstick PRO is easy to hold, but the added weight is not user-friendly especially for lady users when trying to clean the top shelves. Nonetheless, as cordless vacuum cleaners are meant for quick cleaning, it shouldn’t pose a huge problem.

The added HEPA filter at the exhaust is a godsend to those who are allergic to microdust that escapes the vacuum cleaner during operation.

Cleaning Accessories

The standard POWERstick PRO comes with 4 different cleaning heads:

Turbo Action Brush

This standard cleaning head is excellent for carpet and various floor surfaces. While ideally it is designed for carpets, I find it works pretty well for the hard floor as well. Don’t worry as the brush is designed to clean carpet fleeces, hence it is not directly scrubbing against the hard floor. Otherwise, you can opt for an add-on accessory – Soft Action Brush, which we will cover in this review as well.

Mini Motorised Tool

This small motorised roller may seem not so useful at first, but it is an excellent tool for furniture cleaning, especially sofas.

Combination Tool

Just like many other brush heads, this particular tool can be used to clean up cobwebs and dust.

Extension Crevice Tool

For tight and hard to reach places, this extending crevice tool is a must-have for a vacuum set.

Soft Action Brush (Additional Accessory – RM399)

An alternative to the Turbo Action Brush, this Soft Action Brush has soft micro brush roll that can pick up most of the dirt on hard floors without scratching them.

Cleaning The Vacuum

The 350ml front-mounted EZClean dustbin is easy to install and remove for cleaning. Even though there is a guideline on the maximum limit, I  would still recommend emptying the canister from time to time because it actually affects the vacuum’s cleaning performance as the dust and hairball cogs up the unit.

Most of the users would understand the pain of having hair rolled up and jamming the cleaning heads. Interestingly Samsung’s design included an easily removable roller

Battery Life

Samsung has claimed the included 32.4V (51.84Wh) lithium-ion battery pack is capable of providing 40 minutes of cleaning. As a person who doubts every single marketing claims, I have put the vacuum to the test and happy to report a 100% full charge is indeed equals to 40 minutes of usage. Of course, that is provided you don’t use the turbo mode during the cleaning. If you go full gung-ho, turbo mode all the way, the battery will be depleted in less than 10 minutes. That being said, cordless vacuum cleaners are designed to be versatile and the POWERstick PRO’s standard mode is good enough for everyday cleaning.

On the other hand, charging the battery is a bigger issue here. It takes up to 3 hours to charge a depleted battery to full by using the wall mount charger at 37.5V 0.54A power output. If you plan to use the vacuum for anything longer than 40 minutes, consider investing in a second battery of break down your cleaning schedule to multiple 30 minutes sessions.

Since we did not get to keep the vacuum, there’s no point for us to drill holes on the wall and install the wall charger. You get the idea of how to charge the vacuum, besides the tools can be attached to the charger for easy access.

Final Words

Samsung’s latest stick cordless vacuum, the POWERstick PRO VS8000 is obviously released to go head on with the Dyson V series stick vacuums. At the official selling price of RM2,799, the POWERstick PRO is considerably more affordable than the Dyson counterpart. In fact, you can get even better deals if you look closely at certain retail stores or marketplace.

What it really stands out is the versatile design that revolves around how we use the vacuum, especially the Flex Handle that folds the handle for better ergonomics. The included accessories (Turbo Action Brush, Mini Motorised Tool, Combination Tool & Extension Crevice Tool) are great to get started with everyday cleaning.

The small-sized & quiet vacuum motor has powerful suction capabilities but like many other battery-powered vacuum cleaners, is not designed for full home cleaning as they are limited to the available battery juice. The added HEPA filter at the exhaust prevents fine dust from escaping the vacuum cleaner makes this an excellent household cleaning tool for those with allergic family members. Even cleaning the vacuum component itself is a relatively easy task with the removable filters and brush components.

If you’re looking for a versatile vacuum cleaner for quick cleaning without having to mess around with cables and pulling around a canister vacuum, then the POWERstick PRO could be just for you. However, if you plan to have a powerful vacuum cleaner for full house cleaning, then you either invest in multiple battery packs or just go for plug-in type vacuums for long hours of operation.