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Hands-On & Setup Tips: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

The 2021 Samsung Galaxy Z series is probably the South Korean company’s most anticipated launch of the year. It has created a huge buzz in the market not just because the series has third-generation foldable technology, the key highlight is no other than the aggressive

Team Fold or Team Flip?

The recently released Galaxy Z series smartphones have been well received by Malaysians largely due to their attractive price point. Imagine you can get your hands onto the Z Fold3 from RM6,699 while the Z Flip3 from RM3,999. This is something unheard of ever since

Public Bank Can You Not Dumb

Today I received an email from Public Bank titled – PBe Login Reminder. Now, before you jump to a conclusion where this will be another story about online scams. No, this is actually a legit reminder email from Public Bank. For those who don’t know,

The Galaxy Watch4 with Wear OS Might Just Be the Answer

Ever since Google’s announcement where they will work with Samsung to provide a better wearable experience, I’ve been anticipating the day when Samsung finally launches its next-gen Galaxy Watch. The Problem You see, the market is filled with plenty of smartwatch wannabes and most of

My Conquest to Read a CD in 2021

CD-ROM has been around for decades and it was one of the most important storage media during the 90s. It is used in almost every possible way especially with software that comes only in a CD-ROM. If you’re one of the cool kid in town

Samsung The Serif Smart TV – Who is it for?

If you still remember Samsung The Frame, it was a  state of the art TV that sports both technology and design. The Frame, other than being a standard TV, it also plays the role of a picture frame which inspires the naming of the TV.

Samsung’s Clean Station is the best Stick Vacuum Companion

I hate corded vacuum cleaners. Sure, they are more powerful for cleaning but the hassle of dragging around the power cord as well as the main vacuum unit itself makes the whole cleaning progress less enjoyable. I mean, doing house chore should be more enjoyable

Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

The Future of Cinema Entertainment After COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has taken over the world by storm. Love it for hate it, the damage has been done. It has affected countless industries and the livelihood of those in the business that involves getting people together. In the time where social distancing

Multi-Camera Phones: Is it Necessary?

It has become a norm whenever a phone brand releases a phone they will go on to tout how many cameras they have aligned to the back of the device. As much as the industry has evolved in terms of hardware and computational photography, I

Apple Inc Moving In The Right Direction

The past week when the world was staying indoors, Apple silently releases an updated MacBook Air. It is well-known that Apple MacBooks have been plagued with bad reviews due to their infamously unreliable butterfly keyboards, however, the 16-inch MacBook Pro changed all that. They gave