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Offline Marketing Goes Digital

Wherever consumers look they are presented with advertising. This has been the case for many decades now. When it comes to the physical world most of that advertising has been paper-based. Today, it is increasingly more likely to be digital. The rise of the digital

Best NTFS Software for Mac

Perhaps, you have noticed that since the time when Apple introduced the latest technology M1 chip and implemented it in their Mac, it has created a buzz among the consumers. Therefore, consumers, especially those who are tech-savvy, are showing greater interest in purchasing a Mac

Why Samsung Tablet is A Popular Choice in SEA

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, most of the schools around the world, including SEA like Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, are running through online learning. To meet the complicated problems of remote learning, several school districts are extending their student computer programmed, acquiring a device for each

Mobile Gaming Predicted to Make $79 billion This Year

Statista reports that in 2021, mobile gaming is expected to reach $79 billion in revenue — the largest chunk of the global gaming industry. This prediction comes after mobile gaming made approximately $77.2 billion in revenues last year, with console gaming trailing behind with $45.2 billion.

Unboxing – Samsung Galaxy A32 5G (2021)

Today what we have in our studio is the brand-new Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. While it may not be the flagship nor the highest-end A-series model, but it has almost all the useful features that are exclusive to flagship Galaxy smartphones in the past few

Give a Security Boost to all Your Devices at Once

In an ideal world, we’d go online and never have to worry about cybercriminals. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world, and hackers are rampant throughout the digital space. While there are security experts constantly trying to battle them, it’s up to you to

Arduino – How Exactly Does It Work?

In 2019, an article titled ‘Smart Education Expo Showcases Innovative Classroom Solutions’ highlighted the Webduino as an easy alternative to the popular Arduino hardware programming system. And while it’s true that Webduino is the simpler option, particularly for students of a certain age, we’ve seen

What to Do when Mac Stuck on Login Screen?

When you press the power button to boot up your Mac, you are bound to experience the following startup process. First, you will see an Apple logo, then it’s the loading progress bar (you’ll have to enter the password first if you have FileVault turned

Entrepreneurs Sharing Their Hands-On Experience with vivo X50 Pro

The recently released vivo X50 Pro is one of the most interesting phones the company has ever announced. It is a sleek and beautiful device that focuses on providing personalised and premium user experience. The new X50 Pro features a one-of-its-kind Gimbal Camera System whereby