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Pick the HUAWEI P10 for Powerful Visual Storytelling

If you believe that pictures are worth a thousand words, then you truly belong to the age of the internet and the smartphone. Not since the invention of the television has there been a combination of technology that allows people to experience the world as

Auto mode Photography with Huawei P10 Plus

Do you still remember the days when everyone is rocking a VGA resolution camera on their feature phones? Well, that didn’t stop us from taking photos or videos of something that we can barely recognise even on a computer, let alone through the low-resolution display

Huawei P10 vs Samsung Galaxy S8

Buy: Huawei P10 or Samsung Galaxy S8

Earlier yesterday, I met a really cool guy at the coffee shop while I was composing my ideas for my upcoming contents. Our conversation soon leads to whether he should be upgrading to the Huawei P10 or the Samsung Galaxy S8. For the obvious reason,

Huawei Mate 9 Review: The Business Class Android Smartphone

Smartphone brands invest in top-of-the-line flagship smartphones in order to showcase what they can achieve in combining great design with the latest technology. Huawei’s Mate series fell exactly in the flagship category for the company, striving to bring the best design, large display and long battery life