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BlackBerry KEYone review

BlackBerry KEYone Review: Typing Purist’s Phone

Owning a BlackBerry phone was one of the items on my wishlist before the Apple iOS and Android smartphone wave arrives Malaysia. Even though that time Nokia and Sony Ericsson were immensely popular among the consumers, to me, however, they felt extremely boring and lack of

ASUS announces the ZenFone AR in Malaysia

ASUS Malaysia today officially introduces the ZenFone AR in Malaysia. The AR stands for Augmented Reality where computer generated elements are being overlayed on the real-world environment to change how we human perceive reality.

Pick the HUAWEI P10 for Powerful Visual Storytelling

If you believe that pictures are worth a thousand words, then you truly belong to the age of the internet and the smartphone. Not since the invention of the television has there been a combination of technology that allows people to experience the world as

Huawei P10 Plus Review

Huawei P10 Plus Review

The Huawei P series smartphone has been a tremendous success in various regions, all thanks to the P9 family where it positioned the phone in a unique category that focuses on photography. The collaboration with Leica has indeed paid off where the Huawei brand itself

Auto mode Photography with Huawei P10 Plus

Do you still remember the days when everyone is rocking a VGA resolution camera on their feature phones? Well, that didn’t stop us from taking photos or videos of something that we can barely recognise even on a computer, let alone through the low-resolution display