LG TWINWash – Washing Two Loads at the Same Time

We all know laundry need to be separated to prevent unwanted damage or soiling to the fabric. That also means washing them in a separate cycle which can be quite troublesome unless you have two washing machines at home. LG set to change that with the release of TWINWash technology. In short, it is a washing machine that has two separate washing chambers for two different wash cycles.


While the two washers are not of the same size, however, they can be operated independently or simultaneously. So laundry of different colours, delicate, heavy and soil level at least can be separated and washed at the same time. Effectively cutting the washing time by half.

The main washer uses LG’s exclusive technologies, TrueSteam and TurboWash. TrueSteam produces steam to penetrate fabrics and eliminate household allergens, not to mention remove wrinkles and odours while softening and refreshing clothing. TurboWash minimizes washing time by using a jet spray and filtration to disperse detergent directly onto the clothes inside.

The mini washer is perfect for small, delicate or specialized items needing unique cycles such as lingerie or baby clothes as well as smaller loads like for pillowcases and towels. This allows immediate and more frequent washing of small loads such as gym clothes or bathing suits without the need to run the larger main washer.

Always Connected

TWINWash is also Wi-Fi compatible to allow remote control and monitoring of the appliance with a handy app. Users can also download wash cycles via the Download Cycle feature, track energy use through the Energy Monitoring feature and receive alerts on diagnose any problems by opening the Smart Diagnosis program on a connected device.

“Thanks to its cutting-edge features and functions, LG TWINWash™ is guaranteed to provide the most convenient and effective washing experience in Asia,” said Song Dae-hyun, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company. “In constantly striving to produce superior appliances, LG aims to provide the ultimate in consumer convenience alongside outstanding performance.”