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Review – Deepcool M-DESK F1

We often talk about computer ergonomics whereby how you should sit and how you should place your computer peripherals. Today we are not going in-depth about that topic but you will at least need to know that your monitor’s top of the screen is at

Review – COLOP e-mark Digital Stamp

COLOP is a common brand when it comes to stamping stationeries. I am sure most of the businesses out there should have at least one COLOP branded stamps in their office. That being said, it simply means that the company finance or secretary will hold

Samsung Unveils Galaxy A50s and A30s

Samsung is really on a smartphone roll pushing phones after phones in the past few weeks. The Galaxy A50s and A30s is the latest release from the electronics giant. While the A50s and the A30s share the same identical look from the outside, there are

Box2s Moonlight

Review: Box2s Moonlight All-in-One Speaker

We have been reviewing plenty of Bluetooth enabled speakers and accessories but most of the time they are just the off-the-mill stereo speakers or mini speakers. Until today, we received the Box2s Moonlight All-in-One speaker for review. What is the Box2s Moonlight? Bluetooth Alarm Clock

Pioneer APS-DKMT02

Review – Pioneer USB-C Card Reader APS-DKMT02

While Pioneer is more well known for its audio excellence, tech accessory is a new category that I’ve yet to review any of their products. I’ve had quite the range of Pioneer products, starting from the Pioneer CD players, VCD players, LD players, DVD players,

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Alcantara Cover Review

If you ever owned a first-party protective case, even though they fit with the phone very well, however, the designs¬†are usually boring and costs more expensive than third-party cases. During our review for the Galaxy S8+, we had the opportunity to try on the Samsung’s