Samsung Galaxy S8+ Alcantara Cover Review

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Alcantara Cover

RM 199

Build Quality






User Experience





  • Great build quality
  • Good protection
  • Added grip
  • Soft and comfortable to hold


  • Difficult to clean
  • Expensive

If you ever owned a first-party protective case, even though they fit with the phone very well, however, the designs are usually boring and costs more expensive than third-party cases. During our review for the Galaxy S8+, we had the opportunity to try on the Samsung’s latest Alcantara phone cover. Read on for our quick review for the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Alcantara Cover and find out if it is worth for shelling out RM 199.

User Experience


Taking the cover out of the box and immediately I can feel the soft Alcantara surface of the protective cover. This is not something you see often except when you’re buying a Microsoft Surface product or luxury cars. Other than black, Samsung also offers the cover in Blue, Mint and Pink.

While it may seem high class, but due to the nature of the woven type surface, cleaning it is going to be troublesome as dust would stick on it easily.

Basically, the whole surface of the protective cover is made of Alcantara, including the internal panel. This makes sure that your phone is not scratched by the cover itself.

The cover protects the phone at all the corners. The bottom part is left open for speaker and easy access to the audio jack and USB-C port.

The cover also protects the top panel of the phone.

The installation process is easy and straightforward. Just slide the phone in from one side and snap the cover to hug the phone from both sides.

The Alcantara surface felt extremely comfortable to hold in the hands. The grippy nature of the surface as given us the sense of security when holding the phone. Just take trying to take it out from a tight pocket might prove to be a challenge due to the added friction.

Even the top panel is protected by the cover.

The divider between the camera and the fingerprint scanner is much appreciated considering that we always smudge up the camera’s lens with our oily fingers.

The buttons area are slightly bevelled and you could feel it with your fingers.

Easy access to the USB-C port and audio jack.

Final Words

While I personally prefer using a phone without a protective casing, but since the Samsung Galaxy S8+ has a slippery glass back, dropping the phone would be a guaranteed disaster. Unlike the mainstream plastic covers, the Samsung’s Alcantara cover has given me a whole new experience in terms of having a cloth type protective cover.

Even though some may argue that the front screen is still exposed, but in terms of a shell type cover, it provides sufficient protection especially at the corners and the edges. Holding the phone is such a joy during the soft and grippy nature of the Alcantara surface.

If you don’t mind paying RM 199 for a protective cover, I can assure you that you’re getting one of the best protective casing for your S8/S8+. It has high-quality finishing and offers reasonable protection for the phone.