Nut Bluetooth Smart Tracker Review: Nifty Little Anti-Loss Gadget

Nut Bluetooth Smart Tracker

A Bluetooth Smart Tracker is a small connectable device that can be used to keep your belongings in check. Today what we have in our labs is the Nut Bluetooth smart trackers from Nut Tech Malaysia. The three models include the entry range Nut Mini, mid-range Nut colour and high range Nut find3.

Video Review

Nut Bluetooth Smart Tracker

Nut Bluetooth Smart Tracker

The trackers are slim, lightweight and splash proof. The mini does not have the button as compared to the other two models, making it a one-way tracker only.

Nut Bluetooth Smart Tracker

The colour has plain and minimalist design while the find3 has a special 3D wavy surface.

The tracker itself has bright notification sound but the speaker grill could do with some upgrade as the speaker would easily get muffled if you happen to drop it into sofa slits. Apart from that, we don’t really have much to complain about the overall build quality.

Nut Mobile App

Through the mobile app’s anti-loss function, like what we demonstrated in our video review, you will get notified if the tracker gets too far from your phone. Of course, if you left your phone behind, the tracker will let you know as well.

You can also use the app to call for the tracker in case you misplaced them. The colour and find3 even supports backwards calling in case your phone ever decides to play hide and seek with you. Just double press the button on the tracker and the phone will start ringing even in silent mode. Neat!

Group Share

Nut Bluetooth Smart Tracker

Multiple users can share a single tracker with the Group Share function. This is especially useful for attaching the tracker to a shared item such as a remote control. Do take note that sharing the tracker will disable the anti-loss feature of the tracker. Besides, only 1 device gets to connect to the tracker at the same time.

Lost & Found Network

That aside, the most interesting feature of the Nut Tracker is their Lost & Found Network. Declaring Nut tracker as lost on your app and you will get notified if any of Nut app users detect the lost Nut. That’s pretty impressive.

The tracker takes button cell and lasts for at least 4 months for the mini and up to 1 year for the find3.

Final Words

Nut Bluetooth Smart Tracker

Overall, the Nut Bluetooth smart trackers are neat little accessories that keep you from losing stuff. The app is intuitive and easy to use. Even the pricing is fairly reasonable:

RM 59.90 – Nut mini
RM 79.90 – Nut Color
RM 99.90 – Nut find3

Do let us know what do you think of Nut Bluetooth smart trackers down in the comments below.