Review: Box2s Moonlight All-in-One Speaker

Box2s Moonlight

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We have been reviewing plenty of Bluetooth enabled speakers and accessories but most of the time they are just the off-the-mill stereo speakers or mini speakers. Until today, we received the Box2s Moonlight All-in-One speaker for review.

What is the Box2s Moonlight?

Box2s Moonlight

Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio Light Speaker

That was the tagline for the Box2s Moonlight.

Box2s Moonlight

Find it hard to believe? 

Box2s Moonlight

Find it hard to believe? They had it printed nicely on the user manual.

Just like what they have claimed, this Bluetooth speaker can receive FM radio waves, at the same time, due to the built-in clock, you can now set alarms with it. The cherry top of Box2s Moonlight is no other than its additional lighting feature.

That goes without saying, the Box2s Moonlight is intended to be your ideal bedside accessory.


The speaker stands by itself with the detachable leg. The round design with the two-tone colour scheme has a modern look to it. The coloured cloth speaker cover at the bottom perhaps is the key design that makes it blends so well into the bedroom theme. The buttons are partially hidden in the middle, disguising as a silver bar that separates the lighting element and the speaker.

While aesthetically it looks pretty alright, but for some people, especially the elderlies, they might find the buttons to be way too small. Not to mention that the lack of a backlight makes it difficult to differentiate in the dark.


It comes together with an IR remote control and a wall plug. Besides, they also included 2 button cells for the speaker and the remote control. The CR2032 for the speaker is used as the backup battery, keeping the clock’s time in case of power outage. The remote control uses a thinner CR2025 battery.

What are the Features of Box2s Moonlight?

Bluetooth/AUX Speaker + Radio

The Bluetooth pairing process is just as similar to other Bluetooth speakers out in the market. The speaker quality is not the best out there due to the limited form factor. Nonetheless, it should work pretty alright if you just plan to use it in a small bedroom for a short morning music routine. It also supports Bluetooth speakerphone feature if paired with your phone. Otherwise, you can just hook it up to the audio source via the 3.5mm AUX cable provided in the package.

As for the FM radio feature, since the built-in antenna is not extendable, depending on your home’s building structure, the quality may not be what you’re looking for. Besides, anyone still listens to FM radio at home?

Alarm Clock

Box2s Moonlight

The clock supports 2 alarm presets and there is also a sleep/nap feature that enables 15/30/45/60/75/90 minutes alarm without having to change the preset alarm. There are 3 options available to be used as the alarm ringer – standard alarm buzzer, Bluetooth player and Radio. If you’re using Bluetooth player as the alarm ringer, make sure that your Bluetooth source is turned on and set to autoplay music after successful connection.

Night Light

The nightlight feature is somewhat basic as it only comes with a few lighting modes:

  • Static lights (Blue, Purple, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Red)
  • Responsive light according to music
  • Automatic colour cycle

The available colour choice is not spectacular, especially it will always return to the default Blue colour the next time you turn on the light. I was hoping that they can at least save the last colour it was on. Despite so, the light is well diffused just that you have no option to change the brightness.

How much does the Box2s Moonlight Cost?

The Box2s Moonlight is officially priced at RM199 and will come in 2 colour variants for the speaker grill cloth – Blue and Pink.

Should I buy the Box2s Moonlight?

Box2s Moonlight

If sound quality is your top priority, then you might want to look into something else. Otherwise, for those who are in the market looking for a speaker for bedroom or office and RM199 fits just nice to your budget, then the Box2s Moonlight that comes with the speaker, clock and light feature should be in your shopping list.